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700mL of sample needed.

ALL Analysis are confidential and will never be shared with ANYONE. 

Great analysis to solve troubleshooting problems in Fermentation, Distillation or similar.

Example Whiskey Aroma Profile with a SPIRIT SCORE of 590.

INCLUDED in the Initial Profile Plan:

DSIPH55 - pH

DSITP42 - True Proof Alcohol Percent

DSIIAMY - Isoamyl alcohol quantification

DSIACET - Acetaldehyde quantification

DSIMETH - Methanol quantification

FOCMP - Higher Alcohols (Fusels) quantification

HFAECMP - Higher Fatty Acid Esters quantification

DSIMSPROFILE - Overall Mass Spec Profile compound I.D.

With the different "Profile Plans" you will be able to track you product as often as you desire. This will help you understand your product better and develop a quality program from bottle to bottle. 

ALL Analysis are confidential and will never be shared with ANYONE. 


  • This Initial Plan will get your product set up in our system and give you a look inside your spirit on a molecular level along with an overall understanding of what makes your product special.  
  • We will perform a full analytical profile of your product and incorporate these results into our proprietary software to give you an overall score or molecular profile in easy to read bar graphs and charts along with descriptions of what these compounds smell and taste like.
  • You will receive a COA (Certificate of Analysis) report indicating your overall molecular profile.
  • You will also be given the actual compound name of each compound in your product.  Use this information to "brag" about your product. Use this information to guide you in developing your product through fermentation parameters, distillation techniques, etc..
  • Knowing the compounds in your spirit can give you an understanding of how your fermentation behaved and help point you in the direction of a specific overall profile that you may be targeting.  
  • Your future samples can be compared to this "Benchmark" sample and routinely charted to determine variances.