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Fusel Alcohols Analysis by Gas Chromatography

(Higher Alcohols)

This is a fantastic inexpensive analysis to give the distiller a wealth of important information about their product. The fusel alcohols are the largest group of aroma compounds quantitatively that are produced during distilled alcoholic beverages production. Any non-neutral spirit will contain these compounds at varying concentrations depending on parameters during production and distillation techniques. Therefore, it is essential to understand your products profile of these compounds to ensure consistency and to better understand what makes your product unique.                             Quantity of sample needed = 250mL


Iso-Propanol or 2-Propanol (CAS# 67-63-0), 

n-Propanol or 1-Propanol (CAS# 71-23-8),

sec-Propanol or 2-Butanol (CAS# 78-92-2),

iso-Butanol or 2-methyl-1-propanol (CAS# 78-83-1),        

n-Butanol or 1-Butanol (CAS# 71-36-3),  

isoamyl Alcohol or 3-methyl-1-butanol (CAS#123-51-3),

active amyl alcohol or 2-methyl-1-butanol (CAS# 137-32-6),

n-amyl Alcohol or 1-Pentanol (CAS#71-41-0),

ethyl acetate (CAS# 141-78-6),

acetaldehyde (CAS# 75-07-0),

methanol (CAS#67-56-1),

ethyl formate (CAS#109-94-4),

acetone (CAS# 67-64-1)



HFAE (Higher Fatty Acid Esters) Analysis by Gas Chromatography​

These compounds are critical when understanding what makes up a balanced whiskey, rum and other spirits. The balance between the esters and acids will make your product more desirable to drink and the aroma will pull the consumer into the glass thirsty for a taste. Unbalanced esters and acids can make a product either too waxy, too oily, too fruity or even give an unpleasant feel and texture on the tongue which makes the consumer not desiring more. The esters play a very important role in the profile of a good whiskey and therefore understanding how your product performs when tested will give you a better understanding of what you are doing during the production process. Using this information the producer can make adjustments to their process to target a desired profile they are looking to obtain. Also, when you have the perfect profile of your product and you have performed an analytical profile of it, you can rely on this information to help steer you back to that desired profile if things seem to not be as they were.  





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Individual Analysis

Test #     Analysis,   Quantity Required,  Price

DSIpH55  pH,   200mL,   $5.00

DSIT201  Color %T(460nm, 575nm or specify), 100mL, $5.00

DSIAP21  Alcohol by Volume (Apparent Proof Hydrometer), 500mL, $5.00

DSITP42 Alcohol by Volume(True Proof by Distillation),  500mL,  $20.00

 WMTA31   Acidity (total by titration),  200mL,  $15.00

WMBX20   Brix,    200mL,  $10.00

DSIMETH  Methanol by Gas Chromatography, 50mL,  $25.00

DSIACET   Acetaldehyde by Gas Chromatography,   50mL,  $25.00

DSIIAMY   Isoamyl Acetate by Gas Chromatography, 50mL, $40.00 

LC (Liquid Chromatography Analysis)


DSICAR1   Carbohydraes (Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose),  50mL, $50.00

AGING Compounds

DSIAGETot Aging Compounds Analysis by Liquid Chromatography, 100mL, $175.00    

(HMF, Furfural, Syringealdehyde, Vanillin, Vanillic Acid, 5-Methylfurfural, Syringic Acid, Salicylaldehyde, Coniferaldehyd, Sinapinaldehyde)

DSIAGEINDAging Compounds Individual by Liquid Chromatography,  50mL, $25.00 each

(any of the above aging compounds individually $25 each or complete analysis for $175)

GC-ECD (Gas Chromatography Electron Capture Detector Analysis)

DSIDIA5Diacetyl by Gas Chromatography,   25mL,  $55.00

DSIPEN2 Pentanedione by Gas Chromatography,  25mL,  $25.00 

GCMS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analysis)

DSIHEADHeads Cut Profile Compound ID by GCMS,  100mL,  $110.00

DSIHEARTHearts Cut Profile Compound ID by GCMS,  100mL, $180.00

DSITAIL Tails Cut Profile Compound ID by GCMS,   100mL,  $150.00

DSIMSPROFILEOverall Mass Spec Profile - identification of compounds using GCMS, 250mL, $190.00

GCFID (Gas Chromatography Flame Ionization Detector Analysis)

Fusel Alcohols or Higher Alcohols

FOCMP  Fusel Alcohols (Fusel Oils or Higher Alcohols),  50mL, $125.00

(see list of compounds below)

Higher Fatty Acid Esters

HFAECMP  Higher Fatty Acid Esters,    50mL,  $325.00                       

(see list of compounds below)